Be Aware of Copies of
"The Moving Wall™" is a trademark of Vietnam Combat Veterans, Ltd.
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You are on the web site of the original The Moving Wall™. Vietnam Veterans John Devitt, Gerry Haver, and Norris Shears founded The Moving Wall, and first placed it on public display in 1984.
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Over the past Eighteen years, some organizations and profit–making enterprises—with no relationship to us—have made similar models of The Wall. One organization markets theirs as "The Moving Wall" in spite of letters from us and the confusion and pain it causes their "customers." Yes, it is ironic that someone would claim to honor war casualties by engaging in trademark infringement.
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If you contract for a display visit with one of these other organizations, be sure you know who they are. If you heard advertising for a visit of  The Moving Wall™ at a location near you, but it is not listed in our schedules, it must be one of the copies. If you need details about the locations or schedules for displays of these copies, try calling local veterans' organization chapters. Consult your local phone directory for American Legion, AmVets, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Veterans of the Vietnam War, Vietnam Veterans of America, or VietNow. You might even consider contacting City Hall—communities often sponsor a display.